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Loriot. An Homage - Vicco von Bülow for his 85. Birthday 2008

Deutsche Kinemathek - Museum for Film and Television Berlin

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For fifty years now, Vicco von Bülow has influenced everyday life and culture in Germany like no other. Under the pseudonym Loriot, he has written his way into people’s lives and hearts with his drawings, prose, and lyrics, his plays and speeches, and, in particular, his TV sketches (1967 to 2003). He has repeatedly examined three topics in this work: the lack of communicative skills in modern society (especially between men and women), the relationship between human beings and animals, and the question of what our lives have or may have to do with the achievements of so-called high culture: the fine arts – in particular music, literature, and painting.

  • Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg /2008
  • Haus der Geschichte Bonn / 2009

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