jebram-szenografie scenography & exhibition design

Schnelle Vorbeifahrten I "fast passages" 2018

Open-air course in Paulinenaue

two-piece installation

The canal and the railway line at Paulinenaue form two parallel paths that were and are blood and nerve veins for the existence of the capital and the region.

The two works "Green and Gray on a visit" form a visual entanglement of these "lifelines" channel and railway over the distance of 1000 m.

Part 1: Green on a visit- Passing Slowly
The flowing canal water with its green water flora and the passing cloud reflections visits the underpass in a contemplative video installation. A virtual intersection of rail and canal is created.

Part 2: Grey on a visit - Excursion into the Green
The grey, dark-edged architecture of the railway underpass makes a trip into the countryside.
3 photo collages create a framework in which architecture and nature intermingle.

This work was dedicated to Pikyu Chan (1963 - 2018)

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